Group Exhibition: Chiaroscuro; casting shadows in mosaic


Presented by: Lincoln City Cultural Center 540 NE Highway 101 Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Friday, December 08, 2017  through Monday, January 08


The ancient art of mosaic is enjoying a renaissance in the world today. Artists are using traditional tools and materials and combining them with other materials and a contemporary sensibility to create astonishing new work. This group of artists from Oregon and Washington all work in the broad medium of mosaic, and will explore the nature of light and dark, how shadows are cast by materials in their work, or how mosaic materials either reflect or absorb light. Artists include: Lynn Adamo, Joanne Daschel, Scott Fitzwater, Jennifer Kuhns, Karen Rycheck, Richard Davis, Kelley Knickerbocker, Kate Jessup and Mark Brody.

Opening reception: Friday, Dec. 8th   5pm-7pm

*The piece seen to the left is my newest completed work, featuring Edmonia Lewis (1844-1907.) Edmonia was a sculptor, born in New York to Native American (Ojibway) and African American (Haitian) parents. She has a very interesting history, worth looking up. Her work was highly acclaimed and sometimes controversial, but she is left out of art history, probably due to being a woman of color. I decided to create this piece specifically for the Chiaroscuro exhibit, using mosaic to bring a story out of shadow while using a sepia-toned palette to explore light and shadow in a more literal way. All materials used in this mosaic are salvaged and each piece is hand-cut glass (the background has images and words under glass to share snippets of information about Edmonia Lewis.)