A stained glass mosaic mural created for a L'Occitane exterior in Alpharetta, GA.

A stained glass mosaic mural created for a L’Occitane exterior in Alpharetta, GA.

Mace FrontI have created commissioned fine art panels, public art, and installations for homes and businesses for 14 years. Some clients simply wanted something similar to a piece that was no longer available. Others requested a custom backsplash or fireplace surround for a private home, something to brighten a garden wall, or a custom mosaic finish for a business with panache.

Commissions have included a memorial mosaic for The Evergreen State College, a wood fired oven facade for a local restaurant, a pediatric clinic entryway, an illuminated bar surround and exterior sign for a wine bar, and many more.

Each project has unique circumstances, materials, installation considerations, and complexity. The price usually ranges from $160 to $260 per square foot,plus materials, installation, and travel. If you have seen something I’ve done that you like, I can create something similar.  If you have a specific image, logo, or sign, I will happily create your completed design in mosaic.  *Custom design work requires a separate contract and pricing structure to be completed prior to commencement of a mosaic project.

An inviting tile mosaic entryway

An inviting tile mosaic entryway

16' tall mosaic mural in Walnut Creek, CA

16′ tall mosaic mural in Walnut Creek, CA


Currently accepting commissions for 2018.

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