Architectural Mosaics

Overall, my work expresses playfulness and optimism.  In a world full of turmoil, I find solace in creating joyful artwork, and I believe it conveys this sensibility to viewers.  In a sterile industrial or corporate environment, my work brings a sense of delight to the space.  My favorite experience is completing an installation, then watching as everyone passing (usually workers in a construction zone) stops in their tracks to admire the way the sculpture or mural changes as they move from side to side, and light refracts from each individual piece within the artwork.  Healthcare buildings can be a source of stress for visitors, and having something cheerful to focus on can transform the space.  My jungle-themed entryway for a Pediatric Clinic creates a welcoming path into the clinic for apprehensive children.  While installing a mural in a shopping center near San Francisco last fall, a shopper called out to me saying, “That’s the only pretty thing in sight!”  I feel very gratified to add artwork in places that allow those who work or visit the space a moment of diversion from tedium, pain or anxiety, hopefully lifting spirits, creating a sense of hope and calm where it is needed.

A few of the places my mosaic installations can be found include the following:

  • The Dallas Fort-Worth Airport
  • The Philadelphia Airport
  • The Avalon Center in Alpharetta, GA
  • Carmel Plaza in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
  • The Prudential Center in Boston, MA
  • The Time-Warner Center in New York City
  • Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA
  • The Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada
  • Swing Wine Bar in Olympia, WA
  • Olympia Pediatrics in Olympia, WA
  • The Federal Way Senior Center in Federal Way, WA
  • Lawton Elementary School in Seattle, WA